Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

5 Feb 2020

A Long Shadow: John C. Whitcomb (1924–2020)


Dr. John Whitcomb, grand patriarch of biblical creationism and flood geology and long-time professor at Grace Theological Seminary, has passed from this life and into the presence of our Lord Christ. Dr. Whitcomb never taught a course at DBTS (though he did speak in chapel and at a lecture series), but our students continue to sit in his shadow.

Dr. Whitcomb greatly influenced the system of theology taught here at DBTS; he was a teacher of teachers, many of whom have taught and continue to teach at our seminary. He was a fierce advocate for young earth creationism, a hallmark distinctive of our theology at DBTS. He also represents the material link from Cornelius Van Til (under whom he studied apologetics) to the presuppositional method defended here at DBTS. And of course his dispensational system continues to thrive at our seminary.

Much more may and shall be said about Dr. Whitcomb in the coming days. But when I think of him, what comes firstly to mind is the very long shadow he has cast in his decades of steady, faithful service. Today a saint in glory stands.