Mission and Values

Our Vision

That God would be glorified by calling out a new generation of pastors and missionaries whose hearts burn for the peoples and places of the earth “for the sake of His name.”

Our Mission

Serving local churches by shaping faithful men for the gospel ministry through the word of God.

Our Heartbeat

Exalting God by expounding his word.

At DBTS, God’s glory rules the pursuit of all other goals.


Core Values

Serving the Local Church
DBTS is a ministry of Inter-City Baptist Church. The church does not serve the seminary, but the seminary the church. This is appropriate because the church is at the center God’s activity in this dispensation. The seminary assists the church in fulfilling its mission of training faithful men who are able to teach others. Ministry in local churches is the expected pattern of all students, and serving local churches is the anticipated goal of all graduates.

Grounded in the Scripture
DBTS values the Scriptures, which permeates everything that we do at DBTS. It serves as our source of absolute truth, and reveals the eternal plan of God to glorify himself through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. The word centers on the person of Jesus Christ, the incarnation of the Godhead and embodiment of truth. We unashamedly accept the historic Christian fundamentals communicated in our Creed. We believe that the word of God is a treasure to be prized, studied, and shared.

Excellence in Education
The standard of a believer is God’s perfection, and the embodiment of that perfection is Jesus Christ. The mark of a believer is growth in Christlikeness, which leads to the pursuit of excellence in all activities of life. Accordingly, DBTS strives to model excellence. Its academic standards reflect the significance and solemnity of studying and communicating God’s word, while its educational philosophy and delivery focus on preparation of skilled workmen in the Word. Ultimately, the manner in which DBTS conducts its mission reflects the character of our God.

Gracious in Engagement
The New Testament principle of life is grace, which is revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. It is the power which brings salvation and empowers the Christian’s growth. At DBTS, this principle of grace impacts the manner in which we interact with one another internally and fellow Christians externally. Internally, we acknowledge that growth in Christ is progressive. While promoting holiness in all aspects of life, individual soul liberty is protected. Consequently, we reject attempts to elevate extra-biblical standards to the level of scriptural authority. Externally, DBTS seeks to engage with fellow Christians with grace and discernment. In accord with the New Testament, at DBTS there is no tolerance for those who preach another gospel or those who introduce destructive heresy. Yet, DBTS acknowledges that men who are committed to historical fundamentals can differ on biblical interpretations. While maintaining our institutional distinctives, DBTS seeks to model discernment and gracious interaction with these fellow believers.

Global in Impact
The exaltation of God is a global endeavor. As Creator, God desires, deserves, and demands worship. Consequently, DBTS is committed to proclaiming the gospel to all regions of the world. It strategically partners with ministries that are establishing and sustaining local churches around the world. DBTS faculty, students and graduates are to be actively engaged in missions.