Once you’ve made your decision to attend DBTS, you may have some other life decisions to make. We’re committed to helping you (and your family) get settled. Check out some of the resources below and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.


The area around DBTS provides plenty of safe, affordable housing options. DBTS does not have any on-campus housing, but the seminary staff and church family are eager and willing to help you find a place to live. If you need assistance, contact Olivia Elwart.

Job Opportunities

We’re blessed to have a supportive and generous church family with many direct connections to local businesses. We keep an updated list of job leads on hand. Please contact Olivia Elwart if you need assistance.

Family Resources

We love getting to know the families of our seminary students. Below are some resources for including your family in your ministry preparation.

Seminary Wives

Seminary Wives is a three-year series that focuses on topics useful for preparing to serve in ministry. All wives or fiancées of seminary students are encouraged to attend and enjoy a time of fellowship and learning with each other and with the wives of the faculty members. The faculty wives also host a party at the end of each semester. Wives of students are also encouraged to audit classes for free.

Bible Institute

During the school year, Inter-City Baptist Church offers Bible Institute classes taught by seminary faculty. Family members of seminary students are welcome.

Inter-City Baptist School

If you have school age children, Inter-City Baptist School can provide them an excellent education. Located on the church property, ICBS has been recognized across the state for its excellent academic and extracurricular programs.

Inter-City Baptist Church

With a variety of programs for all ages, Inter-City Baptist Church is ideal for a family at any stage. From Women’s Bible Studies and fellowship groups for young moms to children’s church, AWANA clubs, and youth group, you can surround your family with a loving church community.

More Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or email Olivia Elwart.