Tap into the potential of Detroit.
Get ready for gospel ministry in an urban center exploding with racial diversity. Detroit is a place of promise and paradox: with thriving businesses, bustling streets, and inner-city poverty. Our city is filled with people in need of the gospel.

Learn to teach and preach God’s word accurately.
At DBTS, you’ll absorb the original languages, integrate theological truths, and gain perspective on current issues. You’ll learn to prepare sermons that educate, challenge, and convict. Throughout your education you’ll form a cohesive biblical worldview for effective ministry.  

Immerse yourself in a local church community.
After all, that’s the way Christians grow and become devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. A Christ-honoring local church is the best place to turn classroom theory into practice. Here, your seminary experience and your church experience become one.

Study with scholarly, caring professors.
In every class you’ll learn from godly men who blend their deep knowledge of the Word with a pastor’s heart. You’ll find open doors, open offices, shared meals, and shared lives. And before you move into vocational ministry, you’ll gain lifelong friendships—priceless.

Be rooted and grounded in biblical truth.
Along with our seminary community, we invite you to commit yourself to the historic fundamentals of the Christian faith. Believe that every word of Scripture is the inspired and inerrant word of God. Learn to interpret the Bible literally, grammatically, and historically. Desire to know the whole counsel of God and to live submissively under its authority. Cherish both the sovereignty of God and the call to obediently proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Catch a vision for global missions.
Our professors, students, and graduates are making God’s glory known among the nations. DBTS graduates are establishing Christ-centered churches around the world for the sake of His name.