Greetings from the President

During college, one of my professors challenged our homiletics class like this: “You’re a preacher of the Word—so mind your business!” As a college student, the wisdom of those words inspired me. As a pastor, the wisdom of those words amazes me.

Preaching the wonderful Word of God to others is greatest business you could ever undertake. It’s the most awesome calling and responsibility you could ever accept. That’s why preaching requires diligent preparation and demands the highest level of faithfulness.

The heartbeat and lifeblood of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary is the “business” of preaching. Our aim is to glorify God by preparing you to study the Word and proclaim its authoritative message to men and women in local churches.

By God’s grace, we are confident that we can fulfill this purpose. We will immerse you in serious study of the original languages along with theology and exegesis/exposition of the Word itself. We will challenge you to ground your life and ministry in knowing the God who has called you to salvation.

If God is burdening you to pursue the “business” of preaching, then come to Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. We’re eager to prepare you for the exciting privilege of making disciples in the local church.

David M. Doran

Greetings from the Dean

Dear Friend:

If you feel a desire to minister God’s Word, that’s a good thing! Gospel ministry is an incredible privilege. But it is also an incredible responsibility. Those who serve the church through teaching are called to speak on behalf of God in order to serve those for whom Christ died. If you are to rightly handle God’s Word so that His people receive the care He intends, you must be certain you have properly prepared for that task.

Seminary training is not the all-sufficient means of preparation for Gospel ministry, but it is an important one that is neglected at great peril to God’s church. Christians hunger to hear the life-giving Word of God, and unskilled and untrained ministers lead to malnourished churches. God-honoring gospel ministry necessitates diligent preparation. As Spurgeon said, “If any man will preach as he should preach, his work will take more out of him than any other labor under heaven.”

So why prepare for the ministry of the Word at DBTS?

  • Our Vision: At DBTS, God’s glory rules the pursuit of all other goals. Our desire is to spread the fame of our God throughout the world.
  • Our Mission: DBTS exists for the glory of God to serve local churches by shaping faithful men for the gospel ministry through the word of God.
  • Our Values: DBTS values the Scriptures. The word of God permeates everything that we do at DBTS. It serves as our source of absolute truth. We believe the word of God is a treasure to be prized, studied and shared with all because it:
    • Reveals the eternal plan of God to glorify himself through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.
    • Centers on the person of Jesus Christ, the incarnation of the Godhead and embodiment of truth.
  • Our Impact: DBTS shapes men for ministry in many ways:
    • Through deep study and personal application of the Word.
    • Through personal relationships with peers and professors.
    • Through service in local churches and engagement in the life of others.

If you are interested in a seminary that treasures the Scriptures, honors the church, encourages relationships, and exalts our God, we would love to talk with you further. Our desire is to serve you as you serve God.


Benjamin G. Edwards
Seminary Dean