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5 Mar 2018

For the Sake of His Name on Kindle

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For the Sake of His Name: Challenging a New Generation for World Missions was first published in 2002 as an outgrowth of the Student Global Impact conferences held at Inter-City Baptist Church. The book aimed to inspire and ground young people interested in the mission field, drawing on the history of the student volunteer movement and laying out a solid theological framework for missions.

Sixteen years later, For the Sake of His Name has endured as a practical theological foundation for missions for church members, pastors, and missionaries alike. Combining an accessible style with thorough exegesis, the book traces the Great Commission throughout Scripture, demonstrating how keeping God’s glory at the center stabilizes and energizes missions activity.

Due to some changes in the authors’ ministry focus and location, continuing to publish the book in its original form seemed unwise. So we are now releasing an updated version with just the chapters that Dr. David Doran wrote plus one additional chapter.

The chapters include:

  1. The Supremacy of God in Missions
  2. The Task of the Great Commission 1: The Meaning of Discipleship
  3. The Task of the Great Commission 2: The Method of Discipleship
  4. The Target of the Great Commission
  5. The Territory of the Great Commission
  6. The Local Church’s Role in Missions
  7. The Call to Missions
  8. God’s Sovereignty and the Spread of the Gospel (New)

The book is currently for sale on Kindle: For the Sake of His Name. And it will soon be available as a paperback. Right now the book is a reduced price ($4.99) through end of March.