Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

2 Feb 2018

2018 Faculty Recommended Booklist


For nearly three decades the faculty of Detroit Baptist Seminary have released a triennial list of recommended commentaries for each book of the Bible and additional ranked lists of resources for a variety of other theological and other ministry topics. When I came to seminary as a student in 1994 I took this list as God’s will for my library, and began the lifelong task of building my library with this list as its foundation. I am pleased to say that it has served me very well.

It is our goal to serve not only our own students, but also the church at large by updating this list regularly. To that end we are pleased to announce today the release of our 2018 list.

Tolle lege.

5 Responses

  1. Charles

    Just curious about Köstenberger’s John commentary in your list since Baker has pulled it for plagiarism issues.

  2. Charles,
    In light of recent events, Tim Miller and I debated whether we should recommend the commentaries by Köstenberger and O’Brien. We had the same question over Varner’s commentary on James (Varner has since scrubbed his commentary and republished it on his own). Our thinking was that, without minimizing the problem with plagiarism, these are still very good commentaries that will provide assistance to pastors who use them. For that reason we included them in our list. We also thought about adding an asterisk to alert our readers to the problem, but, in the end, we decided that our readers would already be apprised of the issues. In hindsight, perhaps we should include a note.

  3. Mark Snoeberger

    We have identified with a double asterisk (**) six titles on the list that have been pulled from publication due to ethical concerns. While not wanting to minimize these concerns, we feel that these titles continue to make substantial, independent contribution to their respective areas of interest. Hopefully this caveat can alleviate the tensions raised by the inclusion of these titles.

  4. Andy EFting


    I have also found this list to be very helpful for me. When books are marked with an “*”, I’d love to know the specific theological issue(s) that cause the book to be so marked. I’m guessing it may not always be easy to succinctly state a reason in a list like this, but I would find such an addition a beneficial enhancement.

  5. D. Crawford

    Thank you for continuing to update and post your recommended booklist. I have looked to it many times over the past several years when buying books for my home library.