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16 Nov 2017

Evangelical Theological Society Presentation

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This week, the Evangelical Theological Society is meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. Later today, I will be presenting a paper titled, “The Milk of the Word: Defending a Historic Interpretation of 1 Peter 2:1–3.” In sum, I am making a case against recent arguments that the analogy of milk in 1 Peter 2 does not refer to the Word of God. I believe there are good contextual and lexical reasons to believe the analogy refers to the Word, and I seek to show that contextual and lexical arguments to the contrary are not sufficient.

I am keeping the link below live for the next day or so, but I will soon pull it down in hopes of having the article published.

Miller, Tim – Milk Paper ETS (no longer accessible)

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  1. Interesting that Tyndale didn’t translate it that way; “and as newe borne babes desyre that reasonable mylke which is with out corrupcion that ye maye growe therin.”

    I’m teaching and translating my way through 1 Peter, and had a lot of fun with this passage. So many questions: (1) Is 2:1-3 related to 1:22-25; (2) how do you render ἄδολον; (3) how do you render the preposition here; εἰς σωτηρίαν?

    A very fun passage. I took the “genuine, pure milk” to be Christ. I browsed through the paper, and will read it soon.

  2. Tim Miller

    Tyler, glad to hear you have been working through this passage. You are right that there are a host of connected issues. I believe the use of εἰς σωτηρίαν is related to Peter’s use of Jesus’ parable of the soils, but you can read that in the paper when you get time.