Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

27 Sep 2016

Day of Prayer

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“What does it profit us to read another book, but not to know Jesus?” – Will Galkin


Seminary is more than journal articles and and term papers. Students who are preparing to lead people to love God passionately must love him passionately themselves. DBTS schedules a Day of Prayer for this reason. It’s a day off classes that gives a time for students and faculty to fall on their faces before their God, asking Him to break their hearts and give them a renewed love for His Word. Brian Trainer opened the day asking students and faculty to examine their own need to come before God. “As we see our own sin, we really begin to pray more.”

Evangelist Will Galkin spoke from the life of David and challenged the group to beware signs of a hard heart such as disobeying obvious biblical commands and being quick to judge other people’s lives. “David had a head full of knowledge and a heart full of pride” and that pride led him to ruin the lives of others. Will encouraged the group to seek for God to break their hearts over their sin daily. “No matter how hard your heart is, God’s grace is bigger, stronger, and greater, and he can give you a broken heart.”


Students and faculty spent time in individual and group prayer, first focused on their needs and then on the needs of their churches and missionaries, reminding themselves of why they are studying and of the great God they are preparing to serve.