Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

31 May 2013

Summer Update

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The first session of summer school at DBTS has just ended, and the second session is about to begin. During the first session Dr. Compton taught a Greek exegesis course on 2 Peter and Jude, and Dr. Doran taught a course on the Theology and Practice of Leadership. Next up is Dr. McCabe’s class on the book of Ecclesiastes. Then Dr. Snoeberger will round out the third session of summer school with a course on Advanced Issues in Pneumatology. If you are interested in taking a “test drive” there’s still time to register for a summer class. You can call the seminary at 313-381-0111, or email to [email protected].

In other news, someone recently donated a pool table to the seminary, and it has taken up residence in the student lounge, where it’s already seeing significant use. Something tells me that it’s going to be a bit harder keeping those 10-minute breaks down to only 10 minutes this fall.

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