Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

18 Aug 2012

Special Price on a Faculty Publication


I was just informed that iTunes is offering an electronic version of Coming to Grips with Genesis for the special low price of $2.99. This special is good for the month of August only.

This collection includes a number of scholarly essays on the book of Genesis from the standpoint of Young Earth Creationism, one of the finest of which is Bob McCabe’s essay, “A Critique of the Framework Interpretation of the Creation Week.”

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  1. Steve Drake

    For any student of the young earth – old earth debate, it’s implications on key Biblical doctrines, the early church fathers and their views on the ‘days’ and ‘age’, the ‘genre’ of the early chapters of Genesis, or the discussion of a correct Biblical theodicy, this book is a ‘must’ have on anyone’s reading list. Couldn’t recommend it more highly.