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29 Jul 2012

Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament

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This is a new online journal that has apparently just become available with volume one, number one. The articles can be accessed on the home page as individual pdfs, or one can download the entire issue. Check it out here.

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  1. Thanks! What do you think of it, Dr. C?

    My own sad comment BEFORE reading anything: these days, “evangelical” seems to mean the very least when joined to the words “Old Testament scholar.”

    That’s why I’m approaching it with some trepidation.

  2. Bill Combs

    I was thinking about the meaning of the term myself last night, Dan, in this context. Obviously, it does not mean what we normally mean in normal theological discussion. What it does do, judging by the names of the editorial board and the first set of articles, is to distinguish JESOT from JSOT (Journal for the Study of the Old Testament). JSOT and similar journals (Journal for the Study of the New Testament, New Testament Studies, and Journal of Biblical Literature). Most mainstream journals like JSOT, JSNT, NTS, and JBL make no authority claims about the Bible. Though one can find conservative articles in these journals, all that one can assume is that the Bible is being studied as a religious document, not that it has any necessary authority over other religious documents. By adding evangelical, JESOT, I believe, is saying that we assume the Bible to be authoritative, not necessarily an infallible authority, but authoritative nonetheless.

  3. I have the same concern as Dan. Especially when the lead article is by Michael Heiser who has a borderline heretical view of God that suggests there are a plurality of Elohims, YHWH being the supreme one. His dipping into UFO mythology is rather odd, too, for a OT scholar.