Celebrating Christmas after the Loss of a Loved One

21 Dec 2023

Celebrating Christmas after the Loss of a Loved One

Ben Edwards talks with Jacob Elwart about dealing with loss during the holidays.

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  1. Kay

    We lost my six-year-old niece in a car accident in May. This episode went straight to my heart. I find myself crying out, “How long, oh Lord?”, and I’m so thankful that was brought up in this. I’ve also been leaning heavily on 2 Corinth.1:3-5 since then, and am so thankful for His comfort. After sharing my sister’s sorrow, and walking with her in her grief, I was able to reach out and comfort another mother who lost her son in a hit and run. God used me to reach someone else through the shared grief, what a wonderful Father! God bless you for this message.

  2. Jacob Elwart


    I’m glad that you found it helpful. It is amazing to see how God cares for us in our suffering and also teaches us how to help others when they need comfort. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you and your family right now, but I am thankful that God is worthy of the full weight of your trust in Him. On the final day, our tears will be wiped away, Rev 21:3-4.

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