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12 Apr 2019

New Resource:

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A unique resource has finally been fully completed, and I thought our readers should take note. Mark Ward, a graduate of BJU who now works at Logos, has worked for two years compiling a helpful resource for comparing the Greek text underlying the KJV (TR) with modern versions (UBS/NA).[1] The unique element is that the data is presented entirely in English. Prior to this resource, those without Greek simply had to trust those who could read Greek. Of course, such a resource is not designed for serious text-critical work, for which you must have an understanding of the language. Nevertheless, it is quite helpful to those who do not know Greek yet have an interest in the question at hand.

What the resource does is show the KJV alongside a KJV-like translation of the NA/UBS text and highlights where they differ. For instance, note 1 Peter 1:7 in the image below.

In this case, the difference between the TR and UBS/NA is the order of words. In the following example you can see where the TR has a reading that is missing from the UBS/NA text:

Mark has done an excellent job explaining the purpose and nature of the site on the Evangelical text Criticism blog, and I strongly encourage you to read the blog post.

I am not sure how much this will move forward the KJV-Only discussion. But I certainly think this new resource shows how vastly similar the two texts are. By this website (and recent book), Mark has sought to bring truth and reason to a still lively discussion (at least in some circles). For that I am thankful. Check out the resource.

[1] Mark would want me to clarify that he did not do the work alone; indeed, he had numerous others hard at work identifying the differences between translations and identifying the underlying reason for those translational differences.