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28 Apr 2016

Summer and Fall Schedule – 2016 available now

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DBTS is offering four courses this summer in a module format. The courses taught residentially include Introduction to Missions, Church Polity, and Greek Exegesis of 2 Peter and Jude. Each course can be taken for credit for either the M.Div. or Th.M.


First Session: May 17-27 (8:00–11:50 a.m.)

515     Introduction to Missions (2 hours), Missions Director, D.Min.

An introductory survey of the theology, history, and methods of the missionary enterprise, with special emphasis on recent developments, crucial issues, and future trends.

Introduction to Missions will be taught by a missionary with experience in three different continents. He will be assisted by others who are currently serving on the field.


246     Greek Exegesis of II Peter and Jude (2 hours), Dr. Compton

This course will involve the student in translation, syntactical study, and other exegetical procedures. Prerequisites: Greek Syntax and Reading and Greek Exegetical Methods.


Second Session: May 31-June 10 (8:00–11:50 a.m.)

345     Church Polity (2 hours), Dr. Snoeberger

A survey and biblical analysis of ecclesiastical polity as practiced broadly within the Christian church, with particular attention given to variations of the congregational model. Specific topics discussed include the relationships of the local church, the number and description of ecclesiastical offices, the interchange between pastoral oversight and congregational rule, as well as church order and discipline.


An additional summer course will be offered at First Baptist Church in Wixom, MI from July 30-August 6. The course will be a study of the Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul. Dr. Tim Miller will lead the study for the week-long module. It will be held in the evenings from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm on August 1-5, plus additional class time on Saturday morning, July 31 and August 6.

Also, the fall class schedule is available at

If you have any questions about these courses, please feel free to contact the DBTS office at 313.381.0111 or [email protected].



2 Responses

  1. Dr Alan G Phillips Jr

    In a time when many liberal, Christian authors decry the injustices ignored or avoided by conservative, Evangelical Christians, a proverbial elephant stands in their parlor.

    To demonstrate this gross oversight amidst cries for ‘workers rights’ or ‘gender equity’ in the modern church, one only has to conduct a brief comparative study of tuition costs at Christian seminaries in America.

    Once this is done, an honest question emerges: “Why do some of the most ‘progressive,’ ‘liberal’ or ‘modernist’ seminaries have the highest tuition costs?

    This is not the time or place to evoke specific names or places. I will leave that conclusion to my saavy readers.

    But I ask, “Isn’t there something hypocritical about academic institutions devoted to lofty ideals like ‘social justice’ or ‘wars on poverty’ that, at the same time, charge prices that ensure only the wealthiest candidates for ministry may attend?”

    Likewise, doesn’t it bother the casual observer in the least that many seminaries labeled as “fundamentalist” or “ultra-conservative” keep their tuition costs low and affordable? Many of these conservative places are not known for emphasizing economic injustices in the public square, but they keep their tuition and fees within a range that poorer seminarians might be able to afford.

    A retort that scholarships and loans are available just won’t do. It’s a sad liberal rebuttal at a time when these sources of “relief” cannot keep up with the rising tuition cost at the “more reputable” seminaries.

    Considering seminary programs, which ones are REALLY fair and equitable from a Christian standpoint. Which ones are truly elitist. I wonder.

  2. Dr Alan G Phillips Jr

    By the way, kudos for DBTS, as they have kept their tuition costs low and affordable, unlike places I alluded to in my last post. DBTS is a great option out there for bible-believing candidates seeking to enter the ministry.