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9 Feb 2015

A Prayer for Grace and for the Glory of God

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Calvin“Almighty God, our heavenly Father, seeing that since antiquity it has always pleased you to extend your grace toward your people, as perverse and rebellious as they were; and that you have never ceased to exhort them to repentance, but have always taken them by your hand through your prophets; grant us also your grace today, that your same Word may resound in our ears; and, if at first we should not profit from your holy teaching as we ought; nonetheless, do not reject us; but by your Spirit subdue and so reign over our minds and affections, that being truly humbled and brought low, we give you the glory that your majesty is due; so that being clothed by your love and fatherly favor, we may submit ourselves totally to you, while at the same time embracing that goodness which you have provided and offered us in our Lord Jesus; that we might never doubt again that you alone are our Father, until that day that we rejoice in your heavenly promise, which has been acquired for us by the blood of your only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen” (John Calvin, Sermons on the Book of Micah, 48).

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  1. ulrich schultheiss

    Since I left the JW’s i find it hard to trust another Church. The world lays in the power of the Evil one, and most Churches are involved in the politics of this World and their Wars. The Lord Jesus Christ will not dismiss anyone asking him for guidance and it is the Father the Son and Holy Spirit I know I can trust out of experience, but Human Organizations i find hard to put my trust in.