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31 Oct 2014

Reformation Day Treats

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In honor of Reformation Day, here are a few resources you might want to check out. Ligonier Ministries has made a number of Reformation-related e-books and audio/video resources available to download for free (until 11:59 pm, Oct 31, 2014).

Over on Amazon, several books by Martin Luther are currently free in electronic format.

Works of Martin Luther, vol. 1 (contains his 95 Theses)

Selections from Luther’s Table Talk

Bondage of the Will (abridged ed.)

Luther’s Small Catechism

In addition to these, a number of Luther’s other writings can be found online here, here, and here.

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  1. michael harding

    Agree with Dr. Snoeberger’s article on government. Regarding “agathos” as benevolence, how does that harmonize with government being a deterrent to wrongdoing or evil. Seems these terms are used in the same ethical sense.