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23 Jan 2014

New Issue of Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal

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The Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal has been produced annually by DBTS since 1996. The 2013 edition (vol. 18) was recently published:

  • “Why a Commitment to Inerrancy Does Not Demand a Strictly 6000-Year-Old Earth: One Young Earther’s Plea for Realism” by Mark A. Snoeberger
  • “Paul, the Law, and Dispensationalism” by William W. Combs
  • “The Debate over the Ordo Salutis in American Reformed Theology” by Timothy Miller
  • “Evangelicalism, Inerrancy, and Current OT Scholarship” by Todd S. Beall
  • Ecclesiastes: A Review Article”   by Robert V. McCabe
  •  Book Reviews

Information on subscriptions and back issues can be found here or just click the “Journal” tab at the top of this page.

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  1. Ben Wright

    I’ve been grateful for the DBTS journal many times in the past. Looking forward to digging into this edition as well.