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7 Feb 2013

The Coming Persecution

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I first taught a seminary class on the book of Romans in 1985. I said then, as we discussed Rom 1:24–27, that I thought one day Christians in America would eventually face some sort of persecution for their views on homosexuality. It is easier to see now, many years later, how this could come about. Today, the public schools are teaching the normalcy of homosexuality, and the popular media is totally given over to its promotion. The military has now accepted “gays,” which, ultimately I think, will be the end for evangelical chaplains. Surely, the time will come, when only those new chaplains who accept the rightness of homosexuality will be admitted into the services. And the Boy Scouts have just caved. All of this means that Christians who do not affirm, not just a grudging acceptance of homosexuality, but a positive belief in its rightness—even goodness, will not only be ostracized by society, but actually persecuted by the government. Surely, the first thing to go will be the tax-exempt status of many institutions. What comes next is difficult to determine. Maybe persecution is too strong a word, but the consequences of opposing the homosexual tidal wave will not be pleasant.

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  1. Kent Hobi

    Dr. Combs,
    Your article has been discussed in our church office almost word for word often in this past year. It is difficult to know how to prepare for a cultural demand to accept the sin. We have always been glad to minister to the sinners but it seems as though we will be forced to accept the sin. I can’t help but think the loss of tax exempt status may be in the cross hairs etc.? What is so tragic is that it is the the “church” in America that is aggressively advancing the agenda. Once Bible believing people are so hopelessly confused over this issue. A new hermenutic exists to sell this lifestyle to the church. Perhaps the true church in America will soon look like the church in China, no buildings and no real public identity?
    Pastor Kent Hobi

  2. Bill Combs

    It is disturbing. You say you are glad to minister to sinners, but I think one day it will be illegal to call them sinners. Where this leaves the true evangelical church is unclear, but it cannot be good.