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3 Dec 2012

Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal

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The Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal has been produced annually by DBTS since 1996. The 2012 edition (vol. 17) is scheduled to be mailed out in about a week. Here is the table of contents:

  • “The History of The NIV Translation   Controversy” by William W. Combs
  • “Distinctive Contributions of Alva J.   McClain and Grace Theological   Seminary to a History of   Dispensationalism” by Mark A.   Snoeberger
  • “Religious Liberty and the Early   Church”by Paul Hartog
  • “‘I Will Pour Out My Spirit on All   Flesh’: Are Acts 2 and 10 Proof-   Texts for Inclusivism?” by Matthew   Barrett
  • “Kingdom through Covenant: A   Biblical-Theological Understanding   of the Covenants: A Review Article”   by Mark A. Snoeberger
  •  Book Reviews

Information on subscriptions and back issues can be found here or just click the “Journal” tab at the top of this page.

2 Responses

  1. Bill Combs

    The TOC is complete except we have not listed the individual books reviewed. Do you think we should? Do you think someone would subscribe to a journal simply for the review of a particular book?