Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

2 Nov 2012

Equip and Encourage


Dave Doran adds more ideas about church revitalization, providing specific details about how it should be done.

0:09 How a church should pursue revitalization: “leading by feeding.”

1:40 Problem: people assume the purpose of the church, but aren’t guided by a clear understanding of it.

5:22 “There should be a connection between what we’ve chosen to do [as a church] and what the Bible tells us to do” (e.g., Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, evangelism, etc.).

6:10 The “what,” “why,” and “how” questions we should ask about church life.

6:57 Problem: getting people to buy into a program, rather than a principle that should control their lives.

E&E: Church Revitalization 3 from DBTS