Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

26 Oct 2012

Equip and Encourage


Dave Doran continues his talk about church revitalization, describing the process of church decline and inept responses to it.

0:34 challenge of church revitalization in older, established churches

1:34 Trend of church health and decline:
– Upward: Dream > Beliefs > Goals > Structure > Ministry
– Downward: Ministry > Nostalgia > Questioning > Polarization > Drop-Out
(model from To Dream Again by Robert Dale

5:06 hasty responses to church decline

6:20 program changes to induce church revitalization

6:45 core of church revitalization

7:35 “To be filled with life again, people have to become convinced of a genuinely biblical, I think, God-centered purpose for their ministry.”

E&E: Church Revitalization 2 from DBTS