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19 Sep 2012

The Gospel of Jesus' Wife

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Did Jesus have a wife? No, of course not! Though, as you may remember, that was what Dan Brown’s controversial novel The Da Vinci Code claimed. The internet has been abuzz the last 24 hours about a small papyrus fragment written in Coptic that professor Karen L. King of Harvard has now published. The New York Times and other medial outlets have featured stories about the fragment that King has titled “The Gospel of Jesus Wife” because it apparently contains the phrase “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife….'” King dates the fragment from the 4th century, and it is just that, a small fragment, not a Gospel in any true sense. More information can be found on the Harvard web site and in her scholarly paper.

Actually, it is not news that Gnostic heretics in the early centuries believed that Jesus had a wife, so this papyrus fragment may be a confirmation of that heresy. But a number of scholars have already suggested that the papyrus is fake. Time may tell. For more details and analysis, see the comments by Todd BolenChristian Askeland, Mark Roberts, and the folks at Tyndale House.

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  1. What the garbage Gnostic writings has to do with the true gospel of salvation? Anything based on a lie is a lie and the liar is well known.The Holy blood Holy grail pretend that Jesus escaped death on the cross and married Mary Magdalene.Then Da Vinci Code pretend a secret marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the real blood of the grail is inside Mary based on the painting of the last supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.Now a scholar has a writing words on a papyrus about Jesus wife.Dr King is a dishonest scholar when she titled that papyrus in the shape of a credit card a gospel.There is a very dangerous lie about the real blood and the wife.The truth is that real and Holy blood is on Jesus forehead and not in the womb of Mary Magdalene or any other woman.This is revealed in the true story THE COIN OF THE TEMPLE by souheil bayoud.As for the wife,the impossibility of the marriage of Jesus is not and will not be revealed to disbelievers and opponents to Orthodox Christianity.