Theologically Driven

Ben Edwards talks with Hector Garcia about ministry in Zambia.
Ben Edwards talks to David Doran about churches that use movies at church.
In this episode Phil Cecil asks Ben questions about Theologically Driven, DBTS, and other misc topics. Important Links: Series on Fundamentalism Carrying for Members Who Experience Loss with Torrey Jaspers... Read More
Ben Edwards talks to Jacob Elwart about parenting children who are wandering away from the faith.
Jacob Elwart talks with Ben Edwards about problems with Pluralism.
Ben Edwards talks with Dr Ernie Baker about dealing with abuse as a biblical counselor.
Ben Edwards talks with Dr Aloisi about injustices committed by professing Christians.
Ben Edwards talks about productivity with Reagan Rose. Register for Summer Series Here Register for the E3 Pastors Conference Here
Ben Edwards talks to Mark Snoeberger about his contribution to a recently released book on dispensational.
Ben Edwards talks with Mark Snoeberger about the apologetical significance of Paul’s address on Mars Hill.