ST 752: Kingdom of God

Drs. Sam Dawson and Mark Snoeberger

Dr. Mark Snoeberger
Dr. Sam Dawson


A study of the Kingdom of God beginning with the mediatorial idea, the establishment of the Kingdom at Sinai, its monarchial form, the Kingdom according to the prophets, its offer by Jesus to Israel, its rejection, postponement, and eschatological establishment.

Textbooks Required:

o The Greatness of the Kingdom, by Alva J. McClain, BMH

o He Will Reign Forever: A Biblical Theology of the Kingdom of God, by Michael J. Vlach, Lampion.

Textbooks Recommended:

o The Coming Kingdom, by Andrew M. Woods, Grace Gospel Press.

o The Theocratic Kingdom, 3 vols., by George N. H. Peters, repr., Kregel.

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