Interview with Dr. Tim Miller – DBTS Professor

Dr. Tim Miller – DBTS Professor

How do you answer the big questions people have about God?

Tim Miller couldn’t get that nagging thought out of his head during college. So he began sharing the gospel with students at a nearby state university on Friday nights.

Years later, Tim tackled the “big questions” head-on, earning his PhD in apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary. Now he enjoys helping seminary students discover biblically informed answers for a lifetime of ministry.

“We live in a world hostile to the Christian faith,” Dr. Miller says. “Our goal in apologetics is to remove barriers that prevent people from listening to the gospel and coming to faith. People who don’t believe in God have heard many reasons not to believe. But usually they haven’t considered the reasons to believe. In fact, I would argue that they don’t understand their own reasons for not believing!”

As Professor of ________________ at DBTS, Dr. Miller brings a breadth of educational and ministry experience, including replanting a church in the Philadelphia area. Previously, he taught classes at Maranatha Baptist University ranging from philosophy and ethics to book studies and Old Testament Survey.

“DBTS is an excellent training ground for ministry,” he says. “We offer a distinct theological position, a missional focus, a discipleship setting, and a unique connection to a healthy, vibrant local church. We’re also close to the largest Muslim population in America.

“We want our students to understand the world through a biblical lens and share that worldview with others. At DBTS you can find answers to the big questions people have about God.”