Dr. Robert McCabe

Professor of Old Testament

Dr. Robert McCabe is professor of Old Testament and Registrar at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary.

He earned his M.Div. at Temple Baptist Theological Seminary and both a Th.M. and Th.D. at Grace Theological Seminary.

Prior to joining the faculty of DBTS in 1983 as head of the Old Testament department, Dr. McCabe taught for four years at Tennessee Temple University, including one year in Temple Baptist Theological Seminary. He became Registrar in 1987.

While pursuing his Th.M. at Grace Theological Seminary, Dr. McCabe pastored Ormas Baptist Church in Columbia City, Indiana, gaining valuable pastoral experience. While at DBTS he has conducted Bible Conferences and served as pulpit supply in numerous churches. He has also spoken in workshops at the Mid-America Conference on Preaching.

In recent years he has conducted seminars in Detroit-area churches on biblical creationism.
Dr. McCabe and his wife Linda have three married children.

Email: [email protected]

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