PT535: Counseling Problems & Procedures

Counseling Problems & Procedures

Dr. Jeremy Conn

This course will be offered on Fridays (7:30 – 9:20 am) during the Spring of 2024.


The increase of Christians taking psychotropic drugs and attending therapy sessions outside of the local church to resolve their individual problems should alarm church leaders. Many of God’s people need to regain confidence in the sufficient Scripture to address their problems, and pastors
must be equipped to handle these counseling issues by using the Bible.
This course is designed to help the student apply methodological principles of biblical counseling to specific counseling problems. Attention is given to helping the student sharpen practical skills to apply the Scripture to specific counseling topics. The class notes, class discussions, and reading will aid in the procedures for counseling topics such as: depression, anxiety (panic attacks), anger, self-harm, and human suffering.

Textbooks Required:

Additional Reading for ThM Only:

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