Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

13 Jun 2022

2022 Faculty Recommended Booklist


For the past thirty years the faculty of Detroit Baptist Seminary have regularly released a list of recommended commentaries for each book of the Bible, ranked lists of resources for each of the major heads of theology, and also sundry recommendations for a number of other ministry topics. When I came to seminary as a student in 1994, I took this list as God’s will for my library, and began the lifelong task of building my library using an earlier edition of this list as its foundation. I am pleased to say that it has served me well.

It is our goal to serve not only our own students, but also the church at large by updating this list regularly. The target audience for the list is pastors, so many of the titles are not “entry-level” in nature; still, we are hopeful that the list has broad value in the whole church. To that end we are pleased to announce today the release of our 2022 list.