Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

15 May 2020

DBTS 2020 Graduate: Phil Fitzgerald

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With the current restrictions on gatherings in Michigan we were unable to host our commencement ceremony this year at DBTS. While we have invited our graduates from this year to participate in our 2021 ceremony, we would also like to take some time to recognize their accomplishment now. Over the next several days, we will be highlighting an individual from our 2020 graduating class. We begin today with Phil Fitzgerald.

Phil was born in Pontiac, MI, in 1971, the son of Don and Velma Fitzgerald. He heard the gospel from as far back as he can remember, and trusted Christ as a young child with the encouragement of his brother, Wayne. Phil graduated in 1993 from Bob Jones University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting Education.

At DBTS, we recognize that our students could not get through their programs without the faithful and loving help and support of their wives, especially, and their family. Phil is married to the former Lisa Batory of Warren, MI, and they have four children, Kevin, Emily, Maddie, and Joe.

Phil serves as the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Washington, MI. He previously served for 23 years as an assistant pastor at First Baptist Church of Troy, MI, working in a variety of roles, including youth pastor, adult ministries pastor, school administrator, and business manager.

I, personally, am thankful for the faithfulness that Phil has evidenced while slowly working toward his degree over several years in the midst of a busy ministry and family schedule. After graduation, Phil plans to continue working on being a faithful husband, father, pastor, and friend as he continues to serve as the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Washington, MI.