Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

24 Jun 2019

New Issue of the Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal Available


I am excited to announce the release today of the 24th volume of the Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal. Articles include:

Andrew David Naselli, What the New Testament Teaches About Divorce and Remarriage

Ryan E. Meyer, The Interpretation of Matthew 10:23b

Timothy E. Miller, The Meaning of “Milk” in 1 Peter 2:1–3

Scott Aniol, The Holy Spirit’s Work in Worship: Extraordinary Experience or Disciplined Formation?

Jeffrey P. Straub, Thomas Todhunter Shields, Jr.: “The Canadian Spurgeon”

Henry B. Smith, On the Authenticity of Kainan, Son of Arpachshad

Timothy E. Miller, Three Greek NT Readers: A Review Article

Take some time this week to check out these articles and, if you’re new to our journal, some of the earlier issues hosted on our journal page.

If you receive a print copy of the journal, know that they will be delivered over the next few weeks to a month.