Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

8 Mar 2019

DBTS Class in Atlanta

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While DBTS does not offer online courses, we do have a distance center in Atlanta. Lebanon Baptist Church houses a “seminary room” which is equipped with all the necessary tools in order to make this happen. Through Zoom, an educationally-centered video conferencing platform, we are able to “zoom” in students from Georgia to our classes here in Allen Park. The combination of hardware and software makes the entire process fairly painless.

And while I have enjoyed getting to know the students through Zoom, there is an element of face-to-face contact that cannot be perfectly replicated through technology. For this reason, I am quite grateful that I will have the opportunity to head down to Roswell and offer a class at Lebanon from March 25-29, 2019. We will meet each evening in the church building from 6–10 PM. The class will be The Life and Ministry of Paul. This is one of the core courses at DBTS. We walk through the life and ministry of Paul structured around the book of Acts, which provides the backbone for the historical trajectory of the prolific apostle. Throughout that narrative, we take time to stop and meditate on what made Paul tick, what made Paul ideal for the task, and what we can learn about what God desires of us from the example of Paul. Of course, we will also be walking through Paul’s most important writings, discovering the riches of the Gospel that caused him to turn from being a persecutor of the church to its greatest recorded missionary.

If you are in the Georgia area, I encourage you to consider joining us! You can sign up for the class through this link, or you can contact me directly at [email protected] if you have further questions.