Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

3 Aug 2017

DBTS Announces Redesigned Master of Theology Program

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Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary is excited to highlight our redesigned Master of Theology program. We have modified the program to accomplish three goals: (1) to emphasize the value of the program in equipping students to do quality research, (2) to bring the program in line with current practice in the academic community, and (3) to better serve current and prospective students.

In order to accomplish the first goal, we have highlighted the importance of completing a capstone research project in order to graduate from the program. To accomplish the second goal, we have reduced the number of hours necessary to complete the program to 26 semester hours of postgraduate work. While we believe the first and second moves also help to accomplish our third goal, we have additionally created three paths for completing the capstone research project to allow each student to maximize the value of the program for his present or future ministry goals:

  • A research thesis of approximately 70 to 100 pages in length
  • A ministry research project of approximately 70 to 100 pages in length, focused on the student’s specific ministry context or interest
  • An article published in an approved academic journal

The first path is the traditional Th.M. thesis and allows a student who wants to pursue further academic studies to develop the important skills of scholarly research and writing. The second path provides flexibility for those who want to focus more on practical ministry. The project would allow a student to concentrate his research on an area that would directly benefit his present ministry. The third path allows a student to experience firsthand the rigors and rewards of academic publishing.

For Michigan residents who are unable to commute to the seminary, we are also pleased to offer all of our Th.M. classes live from any location via our distance education platform. This allows you to hear and interact with the professor and other students in real time from wherever you are in order to most closely replicate the classroom experience.

If you have completed an M.Div., and are seeking to sharpen your ministry skills further, why not try out our program by taking a Th.M. course this fall? We will be offering a Seminar in Hermeneutics that will focus on different evangelical and non-evangelical approaches used to explain the New Testament’s use of the Old Testament. The course will meet Tuesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1:20 p.m. Other Th.M. courses this fall include Reformation Theology, Dispensationalism, Baptist History, Greek Exegesis of 1 Timothy, and Hebrew Exegesis of Zechariah. For more information on how to apply or questions about which courses are available, please contact our registrar: John Aloisi.