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17 Nov 2016

Evangelical Philosophical Society

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DBTS has a history of presenting papers at the Evangelical Theological Society. This year, I have the honor of presenting at the sister organization, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, a paper titled, “Perspectival Epistemology: John Frame’s Trinitarian Theology and the Problems of Knowledge.” This is a chapter of my dissertation that had to be cut due to space limitations. It focuses on how God’s Triune nature explains many of the epistemological quandries present in the created world. As Van Til eloquently argued, there is no knowledge without God. This paper develops why that is, showing that the Trinitarian nature of God is the very foundation of epistemology.

If you are interested in seeing the chapter, you can download it here. I may seek to publish it later, so grab it while it is available.


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  1. Andy Efting

    Thanks for this, Tim. I have often thought that we do not realize the power of the doctrine of the Trinity in our apologetic. Very helpful!