12 Oct 2015

Day of Prayer – John Barnett

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With the busyness of life, prayer can often be neglected. That’s why DBTS has an annual Day of Prayer to help the students and faculty remember the importance of this spiritual discipline.

“A pastor must be a man of prayer,” said Brian Trainer, Dean of DBTS. “And we seek to instill this reality into the lives of all students.”

This fall, Pastor John Barnett, senior pastor of Calvary Bible Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, came to speak about prayer. Over 40 students came to hear him speak about the importance of prayer in the believer’s life. He emphasized seven aspects of the Lord’s Prayer in our lives. He said we need to let God focus us on who he is, control, lead, supply, cleanse, protect, and empty us.

Besides Pastor Barnett’s exposition from the Word, there were three sessions of prayer focused on thanksgiving, confession, and revival in the church and the nation. It was an encouraging time for all who came.

“This year’s day of prayer provided a great opportunity for mutual encouragement in the Word and prayer,” said Mr. Trainer. “To see a full room of men before God was both energizing and humbling.”

The day was a good reminder of the words of Robert Murray McCheyne, “ What a man is on his knees before God, that he is, and nothing more.”