Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

27 Apr 2015

A New Devotional Resource


Church Works Media has produced a number of devotional works over the past few years. Each has a special emphasis (e.g., missions, prayer, suffering) that focuses on unpacking biblical texts and helpfully applying them to life. I was asked to participate in the writing of a new edition entitled Gospel Meditations for the Church along with Chris Anderson (Pastor, Killian Hills Baptist Church) and Joe Tyrpak (Pastor, Tri-County Bible Church).

Here’s a description of the work from the introduction written by Chris Anderson:

Motivated by a deep love for Christ’s church—flawed as it is on this side of heaven—it is our pleasure to provide 31 devotional lessons that focus on the nature, mission, and corporate life of the local church. The book’s target audience isn’t leaders, but entire congregations. We’re praying that the Lord will use these lessons to increase the love of Christians for both our Savior and His church. Read them with an open Bible and an open heart, praying that the Lord will work in your life and in your church. That’s a prayer he will surely answer, for his glory!

I believe this devotional will be helpful to God’s people and to your congregation. It would make a nice gift for a special occasion (e.g., Mother’s Day) or serve well as a tool to help build consistency in Bible reading. It could be a great discipleship emphasis for the summer months, inviting people to read it together and grow in their love for the Lord and His church. You may order this devotional (or any of the preceding editions) here.

For the sake of His name,
David M. Doran
President, DBTS