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5 Feb 2015

Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal

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If you notice the header of this blog, you will see a tab marked “Journal,” which if selected will take you to the web page for our seminary journal. Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal began in 1996 and is published annually in the fall of the year.  At the web page you will find the table of contents for all the back issues as well as free pdfs for all articles prior to 2011.

Here are links to a few of the articles from 1998–2000 that you may find of interest:

Is Apostasia in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 a Reference to the Rapture?

Water Baptism and the Forgiveness of Sins in Acts 2:38

The Meaning of “Born of Water and the Spirit” in John 3:5

Errors in the King James Version?

The Preservation of Scripture

The Pre-Mosaic Tithe: Issues and Implications

A Defense of Literal Days in the Creation Week