Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

3 Dec 2013

Student Global Impact National Conference


I want to both inform you and ask you to spread the word about the 2014 Student Global Impact Missions Conference taking place in about one month on January 2-3, 2014 at Inter-City Baptist Church. We pack several inspiring and informative workshops and sessions on missions into these two days, for the purpose of encouraging students to give their lives for the sake of missions. The conference is for both “goers” and “senders,” so you don’t need to be a missions or bible major to profit from the conference.

Our culture tells us that we must live for the moment, seize the day, live life to the fullest.  If you really want to live you have to do this, try that, have this experience, etc. But the Bible gives us a different message. Paul, the first missionary, said that for him “to live is Christ,” and that if spreading the gospel of Christ meant his death, that was okay too because “to die is gain.”  We need to be reminded that real life is life lived for Christ and that death in Christ really is gain. Student Global Impact exists to remind young adults that telling others about Jesus is worth your life (and death).

On January 2-3, 2014, hundreds of young adults will gather in the metro Detroit area for the SGI National Conference under the theme “To Live is Christ. To Die is Gain.” Join us as we focus on the Word through preaching, conservative corporate singing, practical and academic workshops on missions topics, and fellowship with other young adults who love Jesus and the cause of His gospel.

If you are a pastor or parent reading this, I would urge you to send your college students to this event. This is a great opportunity for spiritual refreshing and advance.  The SGI conference can be especially helpful to those who do not normally have the opportunity to fellowship with Christian students. What better Christmas present to give to them than a trip to the SGI conference! You can register here.  You can share the conference Facebook page here. If you know of students in your church and family, please send them the links provided. If you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.