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7 Apr 2013

Things to Do in Detroit: The Detroit Historical Museum

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Most people probably don’t have Detroit near the top of their list of possible vacation destinations, but there actually are quite a few interesting places to visit in and around the city of Detroit.

The Detroit Historical Museum is located downtown in the museum district between Cass and Woodward Ave (about 15 minutes from the seminary). The DHM was closed for renovations much of last year and just reopened this past November. I recently took my family there for the first time, and they really enjoyed it.

The museum features signature exhibits such as the “Streets of Detroit” and “America’s Motor City” as well as rotating exhibits like the current one on the history of Ukraine and Ukrainian immigration to Michigan. The museum also includes some exhibits that are probably as much fun as they are educational such as the Glancy Model Train display and many items highlighting the history of Detroit’s sports teams.

If you live in the area or are planning to visit Detroit in the near future, the DHM is definitely worth a few hours of your time. Admission is currently free, and parking is inexpensive. Whoever said Detroit isn’t a vacation hotspot?