Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

10 Oct 2012

Equip and Encourage: MACP


Dave Doran talks about the Mid-America Conference on Preaching occurring next week at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. He provides a little history regarding the conference, explains the theme “The Mystery of Christ: God’s Glory among the Gentiles,” and introduces the conference speakers.

Some specifics that he discusses:
-Unpacking the theme: “The Mystery of Christ: God’s Glory among the Gentiles,” 1:08

-Implications of the theme for church ministry: (Preaching, Christian Growth and Discipleship, Evangelism, Church Worship, Church Government, and the Mission of the Church), 3:44

-Guest Speaker Lineup: (Michael Vlach, The Master’s Seminary; Neal Cushman, Northland International University; Jack Klem, Clearwater Christian College), 7:11