Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

3 Mar 2012

Test Drive for the City of Detroit

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Guest post by Ben Edwards: Director of Urban Ministry at Inter-City Baptist Church

Detroit is a place that needs the Gospel. We need men to come and plant churches in and around the city. And Detroit Baptist Seminary is a good place to be trained to serve in urban ministry.

But we also need believers who will be willing to move into the city for the sake of the Gospel. So why not consider getting a taste of Detroit by doing an internship in the city this summer. For instance, Quicken Loans is one of several companies that maintains offices in downtown Detroit and is working to improve the city. They, along with others, are involved in the Live/Work Detroit project—a project geared toward exposing young students and professionals to the opportunities in Detroit. You can check out more about the Quicken Loans internship program or take a look at some of the internship jobs they offer in Detroit (or check out one of the other companies offering internships in Detroit).

If you are interested in doing a business internship in Detroit, Inter-City Baptist Church would love to partner with you in finding housing and learning and experiencing ministry in Detroit. Whether or not you are planning on going into urban ministry, consider looking for an internship in Detroit. God may use that experience to help you determine if ministry in a place like Detroit is for you.