Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

14 Feb 2012

Worship Warcraft


Every time I hear a specific date announced for the end of the War in Afghanistan, I experience a brief snort of laughter. What kind of world do we live in where the beginning and end of wars can be scheduled? The fact is, so long as differing worldviews exist, wars are inevitable, and they cannot be ended by fiat.

While the American evangelical worship wars, it seems, are winding down, we still see skirmishes every once in a while. This week I read two thoughtful but dramatically different philosophical perspectives on worship warcraft. The interesting thing is that they were both written on a very high level by careful writers, each with a robust sense of self-consciousness about the worldview he represents. It’s a fascinating study of contrasts and a rare occasion to see worship war philosophy expressed without the normal vitriol. Enjoy reading these blog posts by Russell Moore and Darryl Hart.