Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

8 Feb 2012

2012 Student Global Impact Missions Conference


In January, during Christmas Break, Inter-City Baptist Church was privileged to host over 200 college and seminary students for the Student Global Impact National Conference. Since 2000, every other year, this conference has provided an opportunity for college and seminary students to be challenged in the area of missions, to network with other students interested in various fields, and to be encouraged by the fellowship they enjoy. I would encourage you to download the audio of the conference.

God has allowed Inter-City Baptist Church to be heavily involved in missions, and we have a number of DBTS graduates serving in strategic ministries around the world. A missions mindset is of great benefit to all of our DBTS students. We want to keep the mission before us, always conscious that the goal of our academic pursuits is not a degree, but a sharpened ability to equip others in the USA and worldwide so that Christ’s Church is built for His glory.