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Are Your Church’s Governing Documents Ready for a Post-DOMA World?

One of the more interesting discoveries I made when researching Baptist polity a few years ago was the lost practice of “recognition councils.” Most Baptists are familiar with ordination councils, in which a local church calls together a group of … Continue reading

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The Lost Practice of Recognition Councils

Baptist churches are by definition autonomous in their polity. It’s one of the “distinctives” by which they are known. This does not mean, however, that they are obliged to eschew all confessional, conciliar, or associational relationships with other churches. The … Continue reading

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“Saved, Baptized, and a Member in Good Standing”

I heard that phrase once a month growing up, and for years never considered the possibility that Baptists would administer the Lord’s Supper any other way. I attend a church today in which I hear much the same thing, but … Continue reading

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