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A Pattern for Preaching that Meets People’s Needs

I heard recently of a church seeking a new pastor. Some said, “We want a pastor whose preaching is practical and encouraging.” Others said, “We need a doctrinal, expositional ministry.” Still others prefer preaching heavy on confrontation. It is easy … Continue reading

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Do You Want to Pray More Effectively?

We teach many subjects in seminary: languages, theology, history, hermeneutics, etc. We teach classes in these areas, expecting students to learn, grow, and improve in their ability to effectively minister the Word. This is good and right. As elders, we … Continue reading

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An Excellent Counseling Resource for Men

If you have spent time counseling men in the areas of purity and pornography, you have probably, like me, struggled to find a resource that is biblical, straightforward, pastoral, and pure itself. In my opinion, Heath Lambert has written such … Continue reading

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The Resolutions of Adoniram Judson

The Student Global Impact national conference begins tomorrow, and I am presenting a workshop titled, “Give of Your Best to the Master: The Life and Lessons of Adoniram Judson, Missionary to Burma.” I would highly recommend the reading of one … Continue reading

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Student Global Impact National Conference

I want to both inform you and ask you to spread the word about the 2014 Student Global Impact Missions Conference taking place in about one month on January 2-3, 2014 at Inter-City Baptist Church. We pack several inspiring and informative workshops … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving for Faithful, Small-Church Pastors

This being Thanksgiving, I wanted to express my thanks to all of the faithful pastors that are opening their hearts to people—upholding them in their hearts through prayer, pouring out their hearts in preaching, and exposing their hearts in counseling.  It is … Continue reading

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Pastors: Surprising Keys to Evangelistic Effectiveness

The Life of a preacher should be a magnet to draw men to Christ…. Sanctity in ministers is a loud call to sinners to repent, and when allied with holy cheerfulness, it becomes wondrously attractive. This from Charles Spurgeon in his … Continue reading

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Does Your Church Feel the Need for Church Planting?

How does your church feel about the need for new churches? Sometimes statistics can help out our feelings. Consider these simple statistics briefly: The population of the United States, the third most populous nation in the world, is about 316,700,000. … Continue reading

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Will Anyone Speak Against Worldliness?

There is an elephant in the room of Evangelicalism that very few want to talk about. If we bring it up, we face ridicule and labels. “Legalist!” some shout, having little understanding of what legalism really is. “Traditionalist!” others say, … Continue reading

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Don’t Abandon Children’s Ministry!

This past Sunday evening, we had our annual Ministry Equipping and Training Seminar here at Inter-City Baptist Church. During this time we have ministry-specific seminars and also general sessions. I did a general session on “Discipling the Next Generation: The … Continue reading

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Stay Sharp, Pastor!

If you have been in ministry for a number of years since seminary, you know how easy it can be to get into a ministry routine and allow other things in your life to become your first love, whether it … Continue reading

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A Small Seminary with Big Results

I prepared a biographical presentation on Adoniram Judson for our recent church family camp. As is usually the case, I get far more out of these preparations than I am sure the listeners do, and some of the best lessons … Continue reading

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