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A Coalition for the Advancement of Realized Eschatology?

This week the Gospel Coalition’s annual meeting features a panel discussion with panelists who reject the Gospel. On the face of things this seems to be out of step with TGC’s founding principles, which exalt commitment to the Gospel as … Continue reading

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What Shall We Do with Moses?

A couple of weeks back Bob Jones University made the news by apologizing for statements made a generation ago suggesting that homosexuals should be subjected, like they were during the Mosaic economy, to capital punishment. This mea culpa was a … Continue reading

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On “Preferences” and Church Membership

Another week of blogs, another contribution to the relentless stream of warnings to all Christians everywhere never to let music preference be a factor in deciding where to go to church, and above all never, ever to leave a church … Continue reading

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“Wise and Persuasive Words” for the 21st Century

I confess I don’t keep up very well with the evangelical left and its culture-lapping delight in all things morally degenerate. So I’m rather late getting into the discussion of Perry Noble and his ignoble attempt to catch Mark Driscoll’s mantle … Continue reading

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Bearing Witness for Christ in the Workplace, Part 2

In our last post we appealed to John 17 to show that a properly ordered witness for Christ must avoid the two poles of (1) being both in the world and of the world, hoping the gospel will advance wordlessly … Continue reading

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Bearing Witness for Christ in the Workplace, Part 1

I work in an almost exclusively Christian environment. With the exception of a few brief encounters with folks delivering packages, reading the gas meter, and such, my whole workday is spent with believers. I’m not the best person, I admit, … Continue reading

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On Divine Sovereignty and Human Freedom: Defining the Historical Positions

A few months ago Bill Combs and I released a pair of blog posts that raised ire among some of our readers relative to the debate concerning divine sovereignty and human freedom. One of the barriers to fruitful dialogue that … Continue reading

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Biblical Reasons to Believe that the Creation Days Were 24-Hour Periods

When Justin Taylor released a blog entry last Wednesday defending a non-literal use of days in Genesis 1, and thus suggesting at least the possibility that the universe is quite ancient, both Ben Edwards and I sat down, without consulting, … Continue reading

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New Book of Interest

At long last, we are pleased to announce that a new multiple views book, Perspectives on the Extent of the Atonement is now available. It has been an adventure and a wonderful learning experience working alongside Andy Naselli and the … Continue reading

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Biblical Inerrancy, Preaching, and Bible Translation

As a conservative instructor at a conservative school, I occasionally meet with surprise that I use and love my NIV Bible. Classed by most as coming from the “functionally equivalent” school of Bible translation, the NIV has long been viewed … Continue reading

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Notes Toward a Theology of Pets and the Atonement (Spoof)

Last week, Pope Francis made headlines by announcing in his weekly address that we will be able to see our pets in heaven. Specifically, he pontificated, “Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures.” Since this statement is sure to … Continue reading

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On Fools and Folly

In the latest issue of the Michigan Daily, the campus newspaper of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Claire Bryan runs an intriguing article, “Born to Believe?” The basic thrust of the article is that part of the human … Continue reading

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