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Mormons and Transgender

It might seem as though traditional Christians are the only people who are being challenged by the sexual revolution occurring in the West. But other religious traditions are being forced to address this shift as well. A recent article highlights … Continue reading

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Two Principles for Responsible Apologetics

Someone who is going to be giving a talk soon on apologetics asked me to offer a couple of principles I think would help people to do apologetics responsibly. I thought I’d share my response here. Properly Present Your Opponent’s … Continue reading

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“I Don’t Limit God Like That.” Really?

A common tactic used in discussions about God and His actions is to claim that the other person is limiting God. It comes up in questions about creation (“I don’t limit God to just six days for creation like you … Continue reading

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How I Become Convinced of the Effectual Call

I grew up with a semi-Calvinistic understanding of salvation. I knew that people were dead in sins and that dead people don’t do anything. But I did not understand much of how salvation actually worked. When I first heard someone … Continue reading

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True Love

Valentine’s Day is this weekend (in case you have not been out of your house in weeks and missed all of the promotional reminders to show your love by spending money). In honor of this one day of love each … Continue reading

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Should We Doubt Young Earth Creationism?

I’ve noted before the challenge of determining the importance of doctrines. One issue often debated by current Christians is the significance of young earth creationism (YEC). Under the impression that advocates of YEC place too much weight on the issue, … Continue reading

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Are All Religions the Same? The Christian Message in a Non-Christian World

As the world becomes more global, the increasing awareness of and interaction with different religions combined with a change in the conception of truth has caused a reevaluation of Christian missions. Questions about the propriety of conversion, methods for evangelism, … Continue reading

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The Gospel Coalition and Dispensationalism

Last month Ryan Kelly and Kevin DeYoung posted an essay on The Gospel Coalition (TGC) blog (that originally appeared in the spring 2014 issue of Affinity) defending the existence of interdenominational or extra-ecclesial partnerships. Though the essay addresses a few … Continue reading

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If Churches Work for Artistic Excellence, Do They Risk Enlisting the Unregenerate in Worship?

Churches that are concerned for artistic excellence in worship will often employ unregenerate musicians to “lead in worship.” Though these individuals do not know God, as skilled musicians they are able to offer fine presentations in the worship service. Is … Continue reading

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Alistair Begg on Separation

In the midst of Paul’s argument for the bodily resurrection of believers, he offers a proverb: “Do not be deceived: ‘Bad company ruins good morals.’” (1 Cor 15:33). At first it seems a bit out of place—why would Paul be … Continue reading

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Gospel Issues and Weighing Doctrines

One of the issues that still needs clarification in Christianity is how to weigh doctrines. Christians have historically recognized that certain truths are fundamental or essential to Christianity, while others have less importance. But how do we know which doctrines … Continue reading

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Can Christianity Be Good If It’s Not True?

In 1768 the French Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire wrote: “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” Voltaire was not trying to denigrate Christianity. Rather, he was arguing for the social benefit of belief in God. He … Continue reading

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